LinkedIn – Finding Your Voice

Webinar: 24th November 2020 Want more time? 10 tips that will actually save you time

Live Date: Tuesday 26th January 2021

LinkedIn – Finding your voice

Webinar Speaker: Rebecca Kelly
Rebecca Kelly

Webinar Overview

Finding your voice on social media can be quite daunting, most people feel unsure what to post and how to engage – but you don’t need to feel like this. 

During this webinar we will be looking at 3 key areas to help you feel more confident on social media, specifically growing your followers, posting and engagement.  

We will discuss strategies that you can implement immediately and ensure you have a plan to implement so that you feel comfortable not only engaging with others but creating your own posts as well.  

Aims & Outcomes

From this webinar you should learn:

Your Host

As a single parent and being involved in three businesses, Rebecca has a busy life juggling lots of responsibilities.

As well as being one of our PROPel Co-Founders, Rebecca is the Co-Founder of Be Original; a unique social media marketing agency providing marketing services to the block management industry as well as their suppliers.

Along-side these, Rebecca creates and manages Flat Living; an online publication and website for the property management industry. The monthly magazine provides information, advice and guidance for block management professionals and their suppliers.

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