PROPel Property Play Offs

Property Play Offs

Property Play Offs

PROPel invite you and your hand-picked team to enter the Property Play Offs; a team quiz with the opportunity to be crowned the Property Play Off Champions and win tickets to the Proper Awards.

Pick your team

Quiz teams are made up of four people and you will need a team leader and a team name. Team members can be from the same department or company as you, or from others across the sector.

Make sure you get in quick to pick the right team members before they get taken by other teams!

Property Play Offs League

The Property Play Offs League

There are four virtual rounds in the Property Play Offs which will be hosted on Zoom.

Round 1 takes place on Tuesday 9th March and all teams are invited to take part in this round. Following this round, the highest scoring teams will progress to the quarter-finals, semi-finals and then the champions will be crowned at the final on the 30th March 2021.  

Key Dates

Property Play Offs Key Dates

How to enter

Complete the form below with your team details, and then ask the rest of your team to do the same.   

Once you have completed the form you will receive an email confirmation of your entry.  You can also forward on to the rest of your team members so that they can complete their details.   

Enter the Property Play Offs

Once you’ve completed this form we will provide you with links to share with your team members.