PROPel Team - Rebecca Kelly, Nick Rich, Stuart Shield, Alan Wake

Meet the PROPel team

Meet the PROPel team; committed to your learning and development

Rebecca Kelly, PROPel Team Co-Founder

Rebecca Kelly

Having been involved in the property management industry for over 10 years, via Flat Living as well as working directly for suppliers and a block management company, Rebecca has a unique understanding of the sector and is keen to improve knowledge within it.

Rebecca is the Co-Founder of Be Original; a unique social media marketing agency providing marketing services to the block management industry as well as their suppliers.

Along-side her work for Be Original, Rebecca creates and manages Flat Living; an online publication and website for the property management industry. The monthly magazine provides information, advice and guidance for block management professionals and their suppliers.

Nick Rich, PROPel Team Co-Founder

Nick Rich

Nick has worked in the residential property sector for over 10 years and is the co-founder of The Proper Awards and Leasehold Social.

Previously working in block management, Nick has headed up teams managing thousands of units and overseen PropTech projects with over £1mil investment.

Nick is a former winner of the Young Property Manager of the Year award, a former winner of the RICS Young Surveyor of the Year and has been named as one of the most Influential people in Property Management.

Stuart Shield

Recently named one of the most Influential people in Property Management, Stuart has worked in the property industry for over 20 years and is the Property & Housing Area Manager UK at Learning Curve.

Stuart has owned and run his own Estate & Lettings agencies and Property Management companies,  as well as working for large corporates and smaller independent companies at a senior level. This gives Stuart a unique insight into the industry and some of the problems, requirements and issues around knowledge and training. Having been based rurally in the South West and now in London he also understands the very different markets.

Stuart is also a garden designer and Landscape architect, providing him with a much more thorough understanding of grounds and grounds maintenance, an area which is often valuable and costly but missed by some managers.

Makers & Mentors: Supported by the Mayor of London

Stuart is a consultant in the industry and has recently been appointed a Mentor with Makers & Mentors supported by the Mayor of London. 

Alan Wake, PROPel Team Co-Founder

Alan Wake

Alan has been involved in property management for over 20 years having spent the early parts of his working life as a Doorman, Welder and Social Worker amongst other things. Like many he fell into Leasehold property management almost by accident.

Considering it a stroke of luck at having worked with so many good and talented people within the sector, Alan is committed to encouraging others to enter the profession and providing those already embarking on a property management career with the appropriate tools and support.

Alan is a Fellow of the IRPM, a Founder member and CEO of the National Leasehold Group (NLG) and Managing Director of Claws Consultants.