Recruitment: 5 tips to get you noticed

Webinar: 8th December 2020 Recruitment: 5 tips to get you noticed

Date: 8th December 2020

Recruitment: 5 tips to get you noticed

This webinar has been recorded and is now available to watch on our free member’s area – MyPROPel.

Webinar Speaker: Yan Couper-Harris
Yan Couper-Harris

Webinar Overview

Are you fed up of not getting anywhere with job applications?

Are you struggling to make your applications stand out from the crowd?

During this interactive webinar Yan will share with you his 5 recruitment tips to get your application noticed by recruitment managers.

During his time managing apprenticeship applications Yan identified exactly what works and doesn’t. He will also highlight some of the most common mistakes made by applicants and showcase what is appealing to hiring managers.

Aims & Outcomes

From this webinar you should learn:

Your Host

As a newly recruited Key Account Manager at Learning Curve, Yan has been working with Apprenticeship organisations for the past couple of years and been involved in the recruitment of 100’s of new people into the Property sector.

Driven by his passion for Sales & Marketing Yan has been able to transform and mould these skills to identify key personality traits required for roles and help candidates stand out and gain employment. 

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