Customer Engagement in a Crisis

Webinar: 23rd March 2021 - Customer Engagement in a crisis with Michael Hill

Date: 12:30 Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Customer Engagement in a Crisis

Webinar Speaker Michael Hill, TPAS
Michael Hill, tpas

Webinar Overview

In 2021 we are in a long term crisis in the residential property sector, but what crisis? 

Building safety, zero-carbon, bankruptcies, trust? 

During this webinar, Michael will provide an overview of how we should be engaging with customers during this time of crisis.   He will look at how we should be mindfully picking our allies and battles, how we can get across difficult messages and moving forward with virtual engagement.  

Aims & Outcomes

From this webinar you should gain a:

Your Host

Michael joined Tpas in February 2019 as Business Development Manager. Michael has worked within Resident Involvement since 2000 for Local Authorities and Housing Associations and as a Tpas Associate since 2017. A Qualification in Adult Education enables him to deliver training sessions to staff and involved customers.

Michael takes his down to earth and transparent approach as the foundation for building strong relationships. With a variety of skills honed from working in all areas of Housing, Michael is an effective communicator with a passion for co-regulatory engagement.

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