Mind your Mind: A guide to looking after your mental wellbeing

Webinar: 9th March 2021 - Mind your Mind: A guide to looking after your mental wellbeing with Anji McGrandles

Live Date: 12:30 Tuesday 9th March 2021

Mind your Mind: A guide to looking after your mental wellbeing

Webinar Speaker: Anji McGrandles, The Mind Tribe
Anji McGrandles, The Mind Tribe

Webinar Overview

This 45 minute webinar will provide attendees with strategies to support their mental wellbeing during periods of uncertainty and pressure.  Anji will share practical tools and techniques to manage stress and boost resilience.   

Aims & Outcomes

From this webinar you should learn:

Your Host: Anji McGrandles

Anji is a wellbeing entrepreneur and coach, working with businesses, brands and individuals on their mental wellbeing strategies, goals, and training.

Her ethos and training focus on practical mindset tools and neuroscience, sharing with clients the mental mind hacks to up level your overall mental wellbeing to operate at your best.

She set up her company, The Mind Tribe after working in the communications industry. Her knowledge of corporate environments has helped inform her mentoring skills and training workshops. All her programmes are built around providing clients with accessible, practical tools and techniques they need to problem proof their day.

Anji currently works with global and national brands developing tailormade strategies and training programmes. Her client portfolio includes Barclays Bank, BCG, Cancer Research UK, McCann, TopGolf, Huntsworth group and Red Letter Days.

Anji is committed to helping individuals change their life and mindset through teaching healthy practices and creating a personal action plan for long term resilience, confidence and positive mental health. She regularly speaks at events and has done so for Barclays Bank, Cancer Research UK and a number of private corporate events.

Anji has her own wellbeing column in luxury lifestyle publication, House of Coco and has been invited to global destinations to review and write about their wellness offer. As well as this she trials and tests the latest wellbeing tech and trends for leading brands. She also regularly provides expert commentary to media and has featured in Cosmopolitan, The Telegraph, Stylist, Woman and Home, Woman’s Own, Times Radio, HRD Connect and Happiful magazine.

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